2. one year later.

    by the amazing and talented john glouchevitch

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  3. You can’t tell Suits & Ukes that there isn’t a monster living in our basement, and you certainly can’t tell us not to be friends with it.

    Suits & Ukes covers Slasher Flicks “Little Fang”

  4. Posters. New York. August 2014.

  5. Bill Murray. July 2014.

  6. Hey, team! I wrote the script for this episode of Sea Rescue! It has baby dolphins and the navy and drama and intrigue and explosions and murder-

    Ok, it only has some of those things. But it’s the first produced television script I’ve ever written. I’m proud of it. And now, it’s on the internet for you to watch!


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  8. In 1970, a whale carcass drifted onto a beach in Oregon. Humans thought it might be smart/fun to blow it up. The excitement starts 2:30


  9. liezlwashere:

    Say No More, Mon Amour
    by Rex Manning

    It’s Rex Manning Day! Watch the whole video for this song here.

    Oh Rexy. You’re so sexy.


  10. on repeat

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